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Boxing, also known as pugilism, is the competitive sport in which blows are exchanged between two people, only utilizing the fists. Gloves are worn in order to protect the hands from delivering extreme, repetitious blows to the opponent’s body, and are also utilized to block blows that are being delivered to you. Boxing dates back to ancient Greece and evolved throughout the centuries to become the competitive sport that it is today.

Boxing skills are absolutely essential for anyone who wants to compete in mixed martial arts. You simply cannot step into the ring or cage with the well-rounded fighters of today if you are missing this important part of the mixed martial arts puzzle.

Boxing is simple for beginners to learn; however, the complexity makes perfection nearly impossible to attain, but no worries-- we’re here to help! We teach our students the form, technique, and skills needed to become the best of the best.

Think you’re interested in boxing? Step into our ring and show us what you’ve got! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call 219-865-6766